Oscar Solis Marin and wife Juana Maria Cortez are two influential Mexican painters. These artists proudly present a technique widely accepted; a technique called Photorealism.

Their art brings a fresh approach to this technique where these painters are able to present to the public the hidden faces of uncharted regions of their native Mexico and throughout the world. The idea was born through a long life dream of traveling throughout the Mexican republic. The artists embraced the meaning of what it is to be Mexican in a shrinking world. The traveling artists came in close-contact with these almost forgotten inhabitants of mystical lands of the past. There, they experienced their long kept traditions that awakened their desire to bring to the world, Mexican natives through the eyes of a photo realist. These paintings bring us the masterly captured during traditional Mexican celebrations and themes throughout the world. The mastery of their self founded art emphasizes the appreciation of color, movements, smiles and ageless faces.

The Mexican face is not the only one that captures our artist’s imagination. His creations and imagery bleed in to the canvasses in a way never seen before; here the images of the world only bring the Mexican experience in a way that the whole world can share in. The artists call this the art of expression. The canvas is the proof that looks in to the fabric of what it means to be human. Through his passion his art challenges the boundaries of perception.

Oscar Solis, our painter, admits that there must be a breakthrough in art in every generation. We as patrons to this art admit the no matter where the person came from the images caught by the artists brush captures our eyes.

Please allow the artist to express through his own words how he feels about art:

“The given sense and passion when creating an image, whose content goes beyond to what the eye can capture, it is the same internal life that exists in the same images that flourish the dialog between the painting and the observator.”


At the bottom of the colors of an image I conceived a sleep that of the language of the painting, the potentiality of the plastic expression.

I was born on having initiated the day they say that this marks a character of impetus in the persons, it was 7 o’clock of the morning in April 7, 1959. I am the first daughter of a family of 6 brothers, my dad a very happy person who was singing at any time and also much worker, was telling us histories of people and also it was taking us to the holidays of the communities Purépechas, and the fact is that my grandmother belonged to one of these communities Purépechas.

I even remember all that I liked to be there, he saw the women with his colouring garments, the contrasts of his long strips of wood of all colors that were hanging by the hairstyles of long plaits that were going and the dances that were taking a rhythm of behind for forward incessantly.

Every year was waiting the date to go to these Holidays of Saint John of the Bananas since I was feeling identified with the tradition of my family.

It was dreaming of re-treating the people, but in the place where I grew he was not meeting anybody who could teach to doing it.

My attempts and drawings finished all in the garbage as well as my first frames and oils followed him on not having achieved a result that I will like.

During the school I unrolled myself in the sport, in the different matters and always helping in my family because in house really more than a tradition we all were helping with the daily work. One day going out of the school accompanying a friend to meet his nephew newborn baby I saw a painting, it was an oil in a small linen of a puppy Collie much made good, the painter was local and the sister of my friend had it and the fact is that his brother-in-law, the painter had given it to him. More ahead, one year later I remember that he was 16 years old and was studying the preparatory one the fact was that I knew Oscar, the painter of the picture that he had seen, in that time I was 17 years old and the fact was that we made ours friends.

On having finished my studies of preparatory, only there was an option to keep on studying, to change the capital of the state, Morelia, Michoacán.

Oscar already had more than half a year living in Morelia and had a work as teacher of plastic arts in a place dedicated to promoting the art, this one was called The House of the Culture, I had decided to study chemistry for this Oscar of that time and me we were already fiancés. The friends, the city, the school bring to me very beautiful memories full of culture, of colors and of music.

Oscar went to paint a mural in the Banrural of Merida, Yucatan. This mural had a few dimensions of 25m for 2.5m, I remember that for this project, I had some participation and that from there, my desire to do either the skills were better focused so either they were more to my scope, nevertheless I continued in the university that I was focused in my studies. That’s why then, it was in 1981, there was born my first son, Oscar. On having gone out of the university, work like profesionista and the responsibility was major with my son to whom he was dedicating my remaining time. It turned into my hobbie. Step like that the time and 7 years later Freedom is born, my second daughter, it was covering the year 1988. In this time there never moves away from the art because we were always in exhibitions of Oscar, of our friends or of my brother-in-law, the brother of Oscar which was sharing his love for the art and was inviting us to his concerts as conductor who is.

For the year 1992, which it began as a hobbie, started taking more formality. Oscar was motivating me very much on having seen my paintings. I started by helping him in his orders of painting. It was then when I decided to leave the work of chemistry and to devote myself to do directly. In that time we receive a work for the government of Michoacán, it was a question of doing a Mural of 5 for 20 meters. It was a very enriching experience as also it was the first work that proudly firm for a selling; my illusion was so big and she was feeling realized, because it was one I dream that finally was made a reality.

There were innumerable the pictures in which it does. For 2003, Oscar and I we paint a wall second in the presidency of my Hometown, this time was already a really big project with dimensions that of high place sometimes exceed 10 meters. Later in 2004 go so far as to Ajijic to exhibit in the gallery

The Gathering Place, where I had one big welcome and acceptance of the people, which motivated me very much, that from there and until this day I have dedicated more time to what also I love, the Art.